Environmental Monitoring Services on the A4 Motorway

In October 2012, as part of a public tender and a member of a joint venture with other companies, Italferr was awarded a contract for carrying out the “Technical and Scientific activities outlined in the Environmental Monitoring Plan during and after the execution of the works for the three-lane extension works on the A4 motorway between the interchanges of Quarto d'Altino (km 10+950) and San Donà di Piave (km 29+500)” by the Autovie Venete (regional motorways company of Veneto).

During the execution of the works, Italferr performed the following environmental monitoring services in particular
Measurements on air quality at the construction sites and residential areas affected by traffic from/to the site.
Surveys on noise levels on the areas affected by the fixed sites, the site traffic and the area where the work was under way.
Triaxial testing system activities to monitor vibrations caused by site activities and affecting surrounding buildings.
Monitoring campaigns on vegetation, flora and fauna (fish stock, amphibians and reptiles and birdlife).
Tests on soil usage and photographs to measure the impact on the landscape.

The above mentioned monitoring activities were completd in March 2015.

Environmental monitoring services are currently under after the completion of the works and will have different timings for the different environmental areas.