The new Arcisate-Stabio Rail Link

On 1 December 2017, the new Varese – Stabio started operating, with three new stops at Induno Olona, Arcisate and Cantello Gaggiolo, plus the PM Bevera and PP Induno Olona facilities. Train services will be launched on 7 January 2018.

The Project
The new “Arcisate-Stabio” rail link, which runs entirely in Italy, is about 8 km long: 4.5 km consisting in the doubling of the existing railway line between Induno Olona and the Porto Ceresio junction, and 3.5 km in a new double-track line between the Porto Ceresio junction and the Italian-Swiss border.
In the communes of Induno Olona, Arcisate and Cantello the track runs predominantly inside a deep cutting, thus solving any problems of interference with roads, due to the numerous level crossings, making it possible to reconnect the urban fabric.
The project section features three new stops, in Induno Olona, Arcisate and Cantello Gaggiolo, as well as major infrastructures, such as the “Bevera viaduct”, about 440 m long, the “Bevera tunnel”, about 970 m long, and the “Induno tunnel” about 950 m long.
The line is powered at 3 kV dc, up to the POC facility, in Switzerland, where the voltage changes to 15 kV ac, consistently with the Swiss network.

Work's relevance
The new “Arcisate – Stabio Rail Link” project is part of a broader cross-border rail link programme for passenger services between Lugano – Mendrisio (CH) and Varese – Gallarate Malpensa Airport (I), set out in the Framework Agreement between the Swiss Canton of Ticino and the Region of Lombardy on 25 July 2000.
The project, which is one of the Strategic Infrastructure Works contained in the so-called “Objective Law”, is part of the periodical monitoring by the bilateral Italian-Swiss Ministerial Working Group, operational since 2002, given its international characteristics and strategic importance, also in relation to the new Italian-Swiss signalling and dynamic transition system.
The rail link connects the city of Varese and the Swiss Canton of Ticino (Mendrisio – Lugano), and Varese with Como, and, in the future, will also enable direct services between Malpensa Airport and the cities of southern/central Switzerland, besides connecting Sempione (Lausanne, Geneva, Berne) and Gotthard (Bellinzona and Lugano) main traffic lines, with exchange at the station of Gallarate.

Italferr's role
Our company was responsible for the executive and detailed design, by the Contractor, and the Site Supervision, and supported the RFI Committee in respect of the environmental issues and the engineering and coordination aspects, given the technical peculiarities of the cross-border line.