Capacity building of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Railway Rrgulatory Board
In association with IRD Engineering, Italferr, a subsidiary of the Italian State Railways Group, has been awarded the contract for technical support services to the Railway Regulatory Board and other main railway stakeholders. The contract is the "second stage" of a project previously completed by the Company and IRD, in 2010-2011, for updating the railway operational and maintenance regulations and harmonising them with the relevant European Directives, TSIs and standards.
The technical support services consisted in updating the rules and procedures for issuing licences to train drivers, studying measures to enhance energy consumption in the rail sector, in particular with regard to traction, and last but not least, training the staff of RRB and other main partners on how to apply the new rail regulationsdeveloped during the previous project.
The EU-funded project was started in September 2016 and was completed in August 2017.

Adaptation of the rail regulations to EU standards
As leader of a grouping of internationally acclaimed companies, Italferr was engaged by the Sarajevo Delegation of the European Commission to review the rail regulations applied in Bosnia-Herzegovina.
The work involved studying the rail regulations regarding infrastructure and train operations and then updating them in accordance with European standards and directives.
After completing the technical support activities to the Ministry of Transport, the new regulations should enable the recently established "Railway Regulatory Body" to grant licences to infrastructure managers and the qualified railway undertakings.
The activities were completed in 2011.