The new Chiaravagna-Borzoli-Erzelli route opens to traffic

Italferr awarded High Supervision

Italferr and Rete Ferroviaria Italiana take pride of place at the inauguration ceremony of the new stretches of the Chiaravagna-Borzoli-Erzelli route on 16 February in Genoa, in the presence of the Deputy Mayor Stefano Bernini, the head of the Mobility Department Anna Maria Dagnino, and representatives of the local authorities and contractors.
The 1.18 km long route features a system of tunnels linking the Genoa Airport motorway junction and the Chiaravagna Valley area, aimed to significantly ease traffic congestion in several districts of the city and shorten travel time for local motorists.
The new route, in fact, is expected to remove about 185 heavy vehicles a day from the built-up areas.
Italferr has been awarded the High Supervision of the project, which includes verifying the Execution Design and Site Supervision, which have required specific technical solutions and important engineering activities.
The new route is an integral part of the road project associated with the construction of the
Terzo Valico dei Giovi HS/HC rail line commissioned by RFI.