Italferr - member of the EU BIM Task Group

The first General Assembly of the EU BIM Task Group was held in Brussels. It numbers amongst its members individuals from the public sector, such as infrastructure operators and Customers from the 14 current Member States of the European Union. For Italy, the lead partner is the MIT – Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport - which has extended the invitation to the Italian State Railways Group and ANAS (Italian National Autonomous Roads Corporation). Italferr took part on behalf of the Italian State Railways Group in the person of its Manager of Procurement and Systems, Fabrizio Ranucci.
The EU BIM Task Group has been charged with drawing up a Manual outlining the main principles to which public administrators and legislators must adhere in their approach to digital design work (and BIM is a chief part of this process) for public works.
It must also establish some common objectives towards which to steer strategies and activities in order to modernise the European Construction Sector.
The EU BIM Task Group is headed by the British group leader Adam Matthews and is made up of a Steering Committee and a General Assembly which acts as an advisory board for the Committee itself.
This Group is partially funded by the European Commission and partially with voluntary funding coming from the signatory States.

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