Italferr will be working for the Iranian Railways on the High Speed Tehran-Qom-Isfahan line

A contract worth 700thousand Euros which is due to run for 4 months.

Italferr has been chosen to provide the Iranian Railways (RAI) with assistance in defining the contract for the design and construction projects of the 410 kilometre High Speed line which will link Tehran to Qom and Isfahan, the biggest cities in the Islamic republic of Iran.
This contract envisages technical and financial consulting services as well as providing back-up services to the client in negotiating prices and contractual terms with the Chinese Contractor, CREC, who will be actually carrying out the works.
The railway infrastructure in Iran will cover about 10,00 km and includes extension work on the network of as much as 25,000 km by 2025. Of this, 7,500 km of line is already under construction.