Thirtieth anniversary of IGI - Istituto Grandi Infrastrutture

Rome, 15 December 2016

The CEO of Italferr Carlo Carganico spoke at the "TRETANNIGI" Conference, organised by the Istituto Grandi Infrastrutture (Large Infrastructure Institute) to mark the thirtieth anniversary from its foundation. The Conference was held on 15 December 2016, at the Avvocatura Generale dello Stato in Rome.
Founded in 1986, over the last 30 years the IGI – an institution established to research and promote large infrastructure projects – has developed a number of studies focusing on regulatory matters concerning public contracts, also analysing how they interact with private investment activities and the trade associations operating in the field of large-scale construction contracts. 
To mark its thirtieth anniversary, the Foundation of the association organised a conference to discuss its history, its success stories and the many proposals developed, over the years, in the fields of Italian public, private, civil and criminal law, including an in-depth analysis of European law, from its beginnings to the present day; most of these projects have then been implemented, over the years, inspiring public regulations and helping to enhance Italy’s competitive edge in the infrastructure investment sector, both internally and internationally.
During his speech, Mr. Carganico touched on a number of issues, such as, first and foremost, given his experience and professional expertise, how the many “innovations” introduced into the rail sector in recent years, and “automation” in particular, have offered an extraordinary amount of advantages, by rationalising costs and improving service quality and, above all, safety, with all-round changes that have secured the prominent global position occupied by Italy’s rail engineering sector.
The CEO then illustrated Italferr’s experience as an example of excellence and a key player, together with FS Italiane, in the construction of strategic infrastructure projects in the country, and especially the High Speed lines and improvement and upgrading of over 20,000 km of railways, besides the definition of constantly improved and uniform safety standards throughout the RFI network.
In his speech, Mr. Carganico also significantly mentioned the fundamental role played by public and institutional communication in the field of large-scale infrastructure projects. The manner in which messages and announcements are designed, made and displayed, as well as their content, inevitably impacts public opinion, arousing approval or disapproval; therefore, it is important to design a communication process for conveying messages as “completely” as possible, containing the reasons that drive policymakers to choose one project over another, and striving to inform about their potential and possibly positive effects on the local communities and the country as a whole (mentioning the case of the Strait of Messina Bridge project).
He then moved on to illustrate Italferr’s mission and its role within the framework of FS Italiane’s 2017-2026 Business Plan – Italferr has set itself some ambitious development and growth targets, with a forecasted doubling of its revenues over a 10 year period – Mr. Carganico highlighted the three-pronged approach through which Italferr aims to achieve this:
1. Implementing investment projects on the domestic market, also thanks to the future integration with the road authority ANAS, on behalf of its “client” RFI, for creating an increasingly “multimodal” network, featuring the interconnection of transport services to benefit its users – customers.
2. Boosting the internationalisation of the Company’s expertise and know how, which have enabled it to achieve a number of significant success stories in recent years, to the point that it can now compete with the top international players in the industry.
3. Developing its international dimension also by taking over local engineering firms (in this regard, the CEO mentioned the case of the US markets) and supporting FS Italiane in its role as a “General Contractor”.
Finally, the AD highlighted how all these activities put into place to develop the Company’s market position are based on the principles of quality, safety and environmental soundness, for achieving a virtuous and sustainable growth.
Other important speakers at the Conference included the former President of the Corte dei Conti Luigi Giampaolino, the President of the Consiglio di Stato Pasquale De Lise and the former Justice of the Constitutional Court Sabino Cassese.