Italferr “Independent Verifier” for the detailed technical design of the Norwegian railway line - Follo Line, Oslo

In 2015, the Norwegian National Rail Administration (Jernbaneverket), Norwegian state agency for train service management,  was awarded the “Acciona Ghella Joint Venture” (AGJV) - the EPC TBM Contract for the design, procurement and subsequent construction of the Follo Line.
In this context, AGJV instructed both the company Lombardi SA (Switzerland) and Italferr to act as independent verifiers and in particular appointed them to verify the project materials for the Railway Systems, as regards permanent way materials, TE, LC, LFM, SCADA and RAMS for the relevant section.
The Follo Line is a new railway line with double tracks, an approximate length of 64 km and a speed of 250 km/h due to leave from Oslo Central Station. The TBM EPC Contract entails the following services: a twintube railway tunnel measuring about 19 km in length (per tube); an intermediate underground emergency rescue area, including the TBM assembly chambers, the rescue tunnels and the bypass routes to Åsland; two escape tunnels, each measuring about 3 km in length, and their bypasses; the electromechanical apparatus including the ventilation and smoke extraction system, the watertight doors and fire-fighting system; railway systems (excluding the signalling system).
The appointment as verifier will come to an end in September 2017.