Final activation of the Fiumetorto-Ogliastrillo section

On 17 December 2017, the activation of the even track of the Campofelice-Ogliastrillo stretch marked the completion of the 19.7 km rail doubling project of the Fiumetorto-Ogliastrillo section.

The construction work developed over a series of 10 macro-stages, to enable the gradual commissioning of the doubling project to its final configuration, featuring a maximum speed of 160 km and a Coded Current Automatic Block system.

The construction site was handed over to the contractor in 2008 and, after the completion of an initial stage in the works, leading to the activation of the Himera alternative route in 2011, the project stalled because of the difficulties arising from the contract route changes requested by the local authorities, the interference of archaeological finds, the technical problems encountered in the completion of the natural tunnel and several episodes of technical and financial reorganisation by the General Contractor.

Italferr’s efforts, thanks to the intense and fruitful work of the team engaged in the works, with the support of the Organisational Units (OUs) at the head office, have made it possible to overcome the criticalities encountered and finally achieve the activation of the line.

A significant step forward in the upgrading and modernisation programme of the rail network in Sicily.