New Public Transport Terminal of Tirana


In 2012, Italferr, as a member of a consortium set up with other local partners, was awarded the design contract for the New Public Transport Terminal of the city of Tirana, which will become the terminus for all regional/international bus lines as well as an interchange hub with local transport, taxis and the future tram-train line. The objectives pursued by the project are: a clearly recognisable identity within the urban area, best integration with the existing and future urban fabric, the sustainability and separation of vehicle and pedestrian paths.  With this in mind, a network layout was adopted for the buildings, which are lifted above ground level, on stilts, thus leaving an open space for the bus arrivals and departures, while the passengers are welcome inside spacious glass galleries.

One of the terminal buildings will constitute a new urban axis crossing over the railway line. Extensive green areas along the edges will absorb the excessive noise and dust, thus minimising the overall impact of the terminal, while representing an interesting focus of urban renovation. The terminal, in fact, will become both a modern mobility hub and an urban focus point: an optional phase, to be executed at a later stage, envisages additional services, such as a shopping mall, a multi-storey car park and a hotel/office tower. Placed along the main road, this tower will become a soaring urban landmark indicating the entrance to the new Terminal.

High Speed Stations

High speed stations signal the advent of this burgeoning sector of railway architecture, acting as hubs of urban transformation and attracting a great deal of investment.

Stations and transport hubs abroad

These facilities bring a contemporary feel to their surroundings, based on the cultural heritage and suggestive qualities of the locations, with a rich and varied spectrum of architectural shapes and designs in constant evolution.

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