Safety Management

At Italferr we tackle the issue of safety according to a multidisciplinary approach aimed at integrating the various railway subsystems (infrastructure, rolling stock and operating procedures), with regard to both above ground (lines/stations) and underground (tunnels/stations) structures, where a domino effect can occur, as well as the risk of events spiralling out of control in the case of fire.

Safety planning, which is increasingly turning into Safety Management, has gradually been supplemented with an increasing range of decision-making (investigation) tools, thus integrating a new Risk Analysis methodology developed by the company after careful benchmarking activities applied to the transport infrastructure sector.

Considerable importance is now given to the use of Fire Engineering, in the safety analysis phase, based on the use of deterministic CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) models, to investigate and understand how a fire starts and then spreads inside a given system (railway carriage, tunnel, station), its expected effects on passenger evacuation, the fire resistance of the structures and the intervention of the emergency rescue services.

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