Remediation operations

At Italferr we offer services designed to mitigate interference from contaminated, or potentially contaminated, sites, with a view to integrating the construction projects with land remediation operations, in order to streamline the relevant  administrative procedures and cut back any delays and extra costs by avoiding disputes with contractors and safeguarding against any negative effects on the overall smooth running of works. 

Due to our longstanding experience in the sector, our high professional standards and our staff’s extensive technical-scientific knowledge, Italferr  today is able and qualified to lend support to our customers by carrying out surveys of potentially contaminated sites, drawing up characterisation plans, completing environmental investigations and assessments, samplings and environmental classification analyses of the soil, subsoil, surface/ground water matrices, and conducting studies on the natural background values.

We also carry out environmental-health risk analyses to define the objectives of the remediation operations, hydraulic and pollutant dissemination modelling, plan remediation and safety operations, providing on-site assistance to ongoing works management and monitoring the relevant environmental matrices before, during and after the remediation/safety operations, offering the most suitable technical solutions based on the environmental circumstances and applicable legislation.

Indeed, our ongoing activities in site remediation, our participation in dedicated Working Groups set up by Confindustria (General Confederation of Italian Industry) and our membership of Reconnet (the Italian Network of the management and remediation of Contaminated Sites) enable us to stay ahead of the continuous legislative developments, so that we can quickly identify the relevant administrative procedures and the most suitable techniques.

Last but not least, we are experts in interfacing and liaising with all the local authorities during the remediation process, drawing up the waste management and disposal plans.

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