Environmental Communication Strategy

Effective Communication Strategy Tools


At Italferr we create and manage databases, websites and operational portals as part of our integrated environmental governance, in order to provide a clear, comprehensive and transparent picture of our environmental activities, as well as to ensure more efficient management of the monitoring data and more time-effective consultation of all the available information on a given project,

Based on a GIS web portal, SIGMAP (Italferr's Geographic Environment and Project Monitoring Information System) centralises, stores, analyses and downloads both local geographic and mapping data, allowing the consultation of thematic maps relating to the Design, Monitoring and Remediation Operations.

The data is suitably reorganised and then disclosed to the general public on promotional websites designed and created by Italferr. These sites demonstrate the environmental quality of the project sites, the type of monitoring carried out before, during and after the construction, and the related environmental mitigation and compensatory works.

Community monitoring to measure levels of consent


Awareness of how an infrastructure project is perceived within the local community is essential for effectively communicating and liaising with all the stakeholders involved, in order to reach mutually satisfactory decisions.

For Italferr, community monitoring is a strategic tool to measure consensus through ongoing analysis of the response and opinions of the general public and the media.

The data and information collected from the monitoring activities is stored in the SIGMAP database and made available for consultation to the interested stakeholders.

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