International Experience

Italferr is involved in strategic infrastructural projects in various continents where it brings to bear its vast experience in environmental planning.

Of all the activities performed, one which is noteworthy is the appointment to carry out a strategic environmental study for the Arab Found as part of a railway network development programme for 21 countries belonging to the Arab League. The viability of an alternative railway network has been analysed in environmental terms and a breakdown was made of the main problems over 15,000 km of line and guidelines for developing subsequent projects were provided.

Italferr's approach to environmental planning for foreign infrastructural networks is aimed at ensuring compliance with local legislative requirements, but especially at applying international best practice standards in order to achieve environmental compatibility and sustainability for the project.

For example, during the design work on the Omani national railway network (over 2,200 km) and on that of Saudi Arabia (about 1,000 km of line), the functional and business requirements of the line were developed whilst bearing in mind the immense natural heritage that the line traversed, as well as the need of the nomads and their herds to move across the desert plains.

All the compensatory elements outlined in the environmental study (including the surveillance plan) were developed as part of the final design stage for the Saudi Arabian project.

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