Noise & Vibrations

Italferr carries out field surveys in order to characterise train emissions and the previous noise climate, as well as performing sound testing on the environmental mitigation structures, carrying out detailed simulations with the most accurate databases available, upon completion of the railway works (pre and post mitigation work) and following through the mitigation planning in all its design phases.

Furthermore, with regard to the vibrations produced by the passing trains, Italferr adopts methods for accurately evaluating disturbance levels and to predict any structural damage to nearby buildings.

The sound and vibration monitoring activities also include the rail/road transport and industrial sectors, including assessments in open and confined spaces; in the construction acoustics sector, sound tests are performed on buildings; onsite tests are also carried out to measure passive noise levels and vibrations.

As a result of our longstanding experience in the noise pollution sector and our high level of expertise, Italferr is frequently invited to take part in working groups set up by the Ministry of the Environment and by the ISPRA (Italy’s National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research) to aid in the interpretation of the applicable legislation.

At Italferr we have a special focus on technological developments for testing source solutions and materials analysis, as well as of any legislative updates, which can contribute to improved design results and the more harmonious integration of the infrastructure into the surrounding landscape.

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