Activation of Lot 2 - Track II Rocca Imperiale Station

Calabria Network -Gioia Tauro-Bari route: upgrading of the Metaponto-Sibari-Bivio S. Antonello line - Activation of the final stage of Rocca Imperiale

On Sunday, October 27, at 6.30 am, the final stage was completed of the activation process regarding the station of Rocca Imperiale,  as part of the works of Lot 2 “Metaponto-Sibari-Bivio S. Antonello, featuring track realignment and upgrading of the permanent way and stations, renewal of the Electric Traction system”.

The works are part of the much broader project for speeding up cargo trains between the southern section of the Tyrrhenian Main Line and the Adriatic Main Line, connecting the port of Gioa Tauro on the former with the ports of Taranto, Bari and Brindisi on the latter.

This stage of the project envisaged the opening to rail traffic of the new plain line track and speeding up the station routes served by the new 250 metre long platform, the extension of the plain line track module by about 470 metres, the upgrading of the central electrically controlled shunting (ACEI) at the station, along with the train control system and the centralised traffic control (CTC) system, the upgrading of the electric traction system and the activation of the new electric traction portals at the station.

The new station configuration now ensures higher safety standards, also thanks to the construction of a new subway connecting platforms 1 and 2 and the main station building, and improved access to trains thanks to the construction of ramps between the subway and platforms and the increased height to H55 cm of platform 2.

Finally, the improvements also include:

  • the passenger announcement system with the installation of new loudspeakers;

  • tactile ground surface indicators and maps for sight-impaired passengers;

  • new / refurbished platform roofs.


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