Supplier Qualification

Only suppliers who have successfully completed the Italferr qualification procedure will be invited to tender.

The Regulations set out the requirements service providers must meet, in order to qualify as Italferr Suppliers, and the documents proving compliance with the said requirements.

• List of qualification categories and related classification. 
• Financial/economic eligibility procedure, to assess the financial soundness of the applicants. 
• Procedure for managing the service provider reliability index, with a view to the continuous monitoring of the services provided by service contractors working on behalf of Italferr.
• Sample declaration to be used when submitting a qualification application.

Manner of payment of reimbursements for technical-administrative expenses incurred and invoicing: pursuant to the provisions of the specific Qualification Regulations, reimbursements for technical-administrative expenses shall be paid by bank transfer as follows:
Poste Italiane S.p.A. 
ABI (Italian banking association code) 07601 - CAB (bank routing number) 03200 - A/C 47475835
IBAN IT32W0760103200000047475835
Please specify the reason for the payment and provide the following information:
•  Qualification System - SQ001.
•  Company name, address, VAT Registration or tax identification number of the individual/entity making the payment.
If an invoice is required, the entity applying for qualification must send a request by fax to the following number +39 06 49752221, to the attention of Italferr SpA – Amministrazione e Controllo di Gestione, attaching a copy of the bank transfer clearly indicating the above details. 

Procurement Portal
Qualification applications, and the relevant support documents, must be sent online through Italferr's procurement portal at: https//

Please note 
The documents required under the Supplier Qualification system may change and it may not always be possible to promptly update the website in this respect. 
Therefore, Italferr accepts no responsibility for any problems arising from any invalid documentation.
In any case, the Regulations shall be deemed to be automatically superseded, amended, suppressed or declared unapplicable whenever they become incompatible with any new mandatory legislative or regulatory provisions.

Effective from 1 January 2015, Italferr has applied  to all qualified and potential suppliers a new version of its “Management procedure for supplier reliability index” rev. D - Annex 2 of the “Qualification Regulations”, as well as the associated “Instructions for assessing the services of design and design support providers” (PPA 0000729 – rev. C).
Italferr SpA is in the process of implementing the BIM design method, which it will be applying in the forthcoming years in the development of all its design projects.

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