Italferr enters the EU BIM Task Group

Publication of the Handbook for the introduction of BIM by the European Public Sector

Completion of Phase 1 of the track doubling project between Castelplanio and Montecarotto on the Orte-Falconara Line

The new track and refurbished station of Castelplanio-Cupramontana are now open

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Building Information Modelling

Italferr is a pioneer in the new BIM methodology, the cutting edge technology in multi-disciplinary design.

Scientific Research

Italferr plays a leading role in the development of infrastructure engineering through studies, design projects and research.

Safety Management

Safety issues are tackled by means of a multi-disciplinary approach which is geared towards safety management.

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    Human Capital

    Talented youngsters, skilled mature resoureces and experienced managers who develop and handle complex projects in a whole array of Italian and international situations.

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    Italferr has 12 branches in Italy and 9 abroad; it is operational in more than 60 countries all over the word. Check out our page on linkedin to keep abreast of our corporate activities and any job openings.

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