In Italferr the conference “La Torre di Pisa, interventi e studi per la sua Salvaguardia” by Michele Jamiolkowski

The Professor Emeritus of the Polytechnic of Turin on visit at the headquarters of the engineering company of Ferrovia dello Stato Group.

Italferr sets up the 1st BIM Certification System

A new important record is achieved in the era of Building Information Modeling

"Worldwide global solutions for infrastructural projects"



Building Information Modelling

Italferr is a pioneer in the new BIM methodology, the cutting edge technology in multi-disciplinary design.

Scientific Research

Italferr plays a leading role in the development of infrastructure engineering through studies, design projects and research.

Safety Management

Safety issues are tackled by means of a multi-disciplinary approach which is geared towards safety management.

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    Human Capital

    Talented youngsters, skilled mature resoureces and experienced managers who develop and handle complex projects in a whole array of Italian and international situations.

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