Italferr is structured around specialised Organisational Units (OUs) and Order Teams.

The Technical Management ensures that all systems, civil, technological, plant, and environmental components are integrated at the design stage. It also oversees all design aspects during the construction, commissioning, and handover of works.

The Captive Contracts Management supervises the implementation of railway works and installations in Italy, consistently with the Company's assigned budget objectives and contractual obligations, through the Order Teams grouped into Territorial Operations Areas (Northern Italy, Central-Northern Italy, and Central-Southern Italy) and supported by the Construction OU.

The Market and Foreign Development Management defines the market development actions for submission to the CEO, in line with the strategic Group framework, and ensures their subsequent implementation. It is also responsible for Italferr's commercial activities in Italy and abroad, and for managing orders in the international market.

The Procurement & Controls Management negotiates procurements for the captive and non-captive markets, verifies projects prior to validation and performs static acceptance tests - on behalf of RFI - on the works in progress. It also manages Conformity Assessment services.

The Strategy, Innovation & System Management defines Italferr's business and market strategies. It coordinates, implements, and monitors projects related to the Group's strategic plans and manages the Company's ICT and Health & Safety, Environmental and Quality systems. Finally, it defines, coordinates, and supervises the innovation system.

The Program Planning & Project Control Management oversees the planning and control process for each Italferr project, defining its operational guidelines and identifying the tools provided by the Company for this purpose.

The Staff Organisational Unit (consisting of the Human Resources and the Organisation, Administration and Governance and Legal Control Managements), mainly provides support activities within the Company’s wider organisational process.