Brenner Base Tunnel

Scandinavian-Mediterranean "Helsinki-La Valletta" Core Corridor (TEN-T no. 5)

This tunnel will link Italy to Austria and is set to become the longest railway tunnel in the world (for a total distance of 64 km), reducing travel time from 80 minutes to a mere 25 minutes.
The design consists of two single-track tunnels with a diameter of 8.1 m and located 70 m apart. There will be a cross over between the two tunnels every 333 metres, which will be used as an escape route, in accordance with the most stringent European safety standards. Excavation work has been under way since 2008.
As the member of a consortium with other companies, Italferr has almost completed its Work Management activities for the Mules "Periadriatric exploratory tunnel" Lot, involving one of the most important and difficult tectonic fault lines in the entire project; Italferr's contribution, in fact, pools high-level expertise in geology, geotechnics and surveying.
Italferr also provides Project Management services in relation to the "Eisack River Undercrossing" section, which involves the application of ground freezing methods from tunnels. The services envisage special assistance, works management and safety coordination during execution.