Giovi Tunnel

Rhine-Alpine "Genoa-Rotterdam" Core Network Corridor (TEN-T no. 6)

This project is to all intents and purposes a new “corridor” for integrating and upgrading the existing rail network linking the port of Genoa, the north Italian Po Valley and Northern Europe (the port cities of Rotterdam and Antwerp).
It aims to significantly boost transport – especially freight – capacity. Italferr has been appointed to supervise the construction of the Giovi Tunnel, as part of the HS/HC rail line.
The new line features a total length of 53 km, with 39 km of tunnels, and is connected to the existing main line by means of 4 junctions, 14 km long, located at Voltri, Genova Parco Campasso, Novi Ligure and Tortona.
Conforming to state-of-the-art safety standards, the underground sections will consist mainly of single-track twin tunnels, with crossovers serving as escape routes for passengers in the event of an emergency.