Railway Systems

A key feature of our work is our multidisciplinary design approach. Based on an integrated vision, we are constantly engaged in seeking out state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology solutions to deliver the highest standards in terms of performance, safety, reliability and responsiveness.

High Speed/High Capacity Lines (AV/AC)

Italferr is in charge of designing, developing and building Italy’s new High speed/High Capacity railway network on which most of the country’s train services now run. The high-speed lines include the east-west cross-country Turin-Venice line, the north-south Milan-Naples line and the Milan-Genoa line, featuring the engineering and application, for the first time worldwide, of the Level 2 ERTMS/ETCS technology. Our extensive in-depth experience encompasses the full spectrum of investment projects: from preliminary studies to the various stages of the design process, construction supervision and support services during line commissioning. Accomplishments which have earned Italferr the reputation of a credible, reliable and skilled partner favoured by major institutional investors, as a result of which we now rank among the top ten railway engineering companies worldwide.

Conventional Lines

Since our establishment, Italferr has made a substantial contribution to Italy’s national railway infrastructure. Building on our experience in major engineering projects for the construction, modernisation and upgrading of conventional rail lines, today we can confidently tackle large-scale international contracts for two/four-track expansion, the enhancement and upgrading of existing lines, as well as the installation of technological systems for traction, safety and operations management.

Urban Transport Hubs

At Italferr we carry out infrastructure and engineering projects for many large conurbations, ensuring that important railway hubs are able to smoothly handle large volumes of traffic and seamlessly integrate the main and other lines converging at the hub with local public transport. We design and build new stations and car parks, install advanced technological systems and implement urban redevelopment schemes aimed at fostering and improving interchange between different transport modes, according to an integrated vision of metropolitan traffic, with a constant focus on the market and always pushing back the frontiers of Italian engineering.

Alpine Passes

Further significant aspects of the Italian HS/HC system are the upgrading schemes and the design and construction of new cross-Alpine rail links, which are an essential and integral part of the core transport corridors forming the backbone of the Trans European Networks (TEN-T). The key aim of the new cross-Alpine links is to upgrade the rail transport system in view of the expected rise in freight traffic along the international routes and to ensure the seamless interoperability of the European High Speed networks, as well as shifting freight from road to rail, restoring modal balance and ensuring greater tunnel safety, in compliance with the new European engineering standards.

Maintenance Depots

Italferr designs and builds depots and workshops for rolling stock, in Italy and abroad. In terms of complexity and strategic value, its most important achievements include the state-of-the-art Multi-functional facility in Naples, a huge asset for the Italian High Speed fleet, and the facilities in Ankara and Istanbul for the maintenance/repair of trains that will operating on the Ankara-Istanbul high speed line under construction.