Traditional Technological Systems

Central Electronically Controlled Shunting Equipment (ACEI)
Safety standards during train operations within stations are provided by the Central Electronically Controlled Shunting Equipment (ACEI) which ensures safety requirements with wired electromechanical or relay technology.
Block Systems
Train safety on the line is ensured by various types of automatic block systems. On very busy lines where it is necessary to operate several trains on the same segments, a Dual-Direction Automatic Block system (BAB) with an encoded current signal repetition system is used, whilst for the quieter lines an Axle-Counter System (BCA) is adopted.
CTC - Centralised Traffic Control
The CTC (Centralised Traffic Control) system is the forerunner of the innovative Command and Control System. It is used on secondary lines and it can control the stations remotely as well as managing traffic management from a central management unit. The Level Crossings along the line are managed by automatic relay logic safety systems which operate the barriers.
ATN Numerical Train Announcement Board
The Numerical Train Announcement Board provides automatic transmission of the exact "succession of trains" between adjacent stations, thus doing away with the need for telephone messages between Train Dispatchers and registration forms.