The new sections of Italy’s High Speed/High Capacity network have been electrified at 2x25 kV AC and the electric traction equipment designed to meet the performance requirements for the new HS train services, which operate at speeds of up to 300 km/h and absorb enormous amounts of power from the overhead lines, up to as much as about 12 MW, with train frequencies of 5 minutes. Each traction substation is able to power considerable stretches of the line, up to 50 km on average.

The design of the overhead contact line ensures collection quality in keeping with the design speed of 300 km/h, suitably dimensioning the conductor range, which has increased considerably compared to the past. 
All the components of the overhead contact line have been specifically tested on a sample section, in order to determine their dynamic behaviour under the repeated stress of trains running at 300 km/h.

Terminal electrical sections powered at 3 kV DC are provided at the ends of the 2x25 kV AC electrified segments near the urban nodes and transportation interconnections.
Points of change (POCs) have been set up at the interconnections with conventional lines, powered at 3 kV DC, to isolate the mechanical and electrical functions of the two systems and enable, through on-board units, the automatic exchange of power with the trains passing at up to 250 km/h.

All the substation and contact line equipment is operated and controlled by new “DOTE AV” systems (Electrical Traction System Management), which are used to set the equipment in real time to ensure the smooth running of the trains, even in the event of failures or anomalies and to control the status of the various items of equipment, as well as the line voltage and current.