Professional Skills

Our staff is highly qualified staff and includes professionals with a mix of qualifications covering the entire range of services we offer and with specialist backgrounds in the best engineering traditions, which has enabled Italferr to establish itself as a leading strategic player in the process of modernisation and development of Italy’s rail network and to secure important contracts and engagements on the international markets. As Italy’s representative on the global engineering market, we are committed to fulfilling our mission to the best of our capabilities, which involves constant adjustments to our organisation and the continuous optimisation of our operating processes. In order to achieve this and come out top on the global market, we need to preserve the distinctive nature of our company by painstakingly maintaining and developing our technical know how, while at the same time enhancing our expertise. Italferr’s new corporate culture endeavours to foster self-empowerment and help build the soft skills associated with effective management and interpersonal relations, fostering relations between our human resources and the company and acknowledging the value of both individual and team contributions.