Our Human Capital

At Italferr we are lucky to be able to tap on the wealth of knowledge, experience and skills of our senior staff members, the motivation and enthusiasm of our talented young employees, as well as the solid technical and professional background of our managers, who possess the flexibility needed to successfully handle complex projects all over the world.

Depending on the specific context in which Italferr operates and the challenges it has to tackle, our HR and Organisation Department updates and integrates the corporate skills and roles according to a well-tested continuous change management approach, to achieve the best possible results.
To stay abreast of a constantly changing market scenario, driven by globalisation, high competitivity, multiculturalism, innovation and dynamism, at Italferr we have launched a resilient management review process, also aimed at constantly overhauling our people strategy, in order to keep its edge on the market and strive towards excellence. By adding highly qualified individuals with relevant skills to our ranks, Italferr will manage to stay head and shoulders above our market competitors.

HR Strategy
•  Consolidating our "Recruitment & Selection" procedure, to identify and attract young graduates and highly qualified professionals.
Fostering and developing the skills and talents of our internal resources, by implementing sophisticated "Appraisal & Development Programmes" that include a full array of HR instruments and levers – including tutoring and mentoring activities, team coaching and one-to-one coaching activities – tailored to each staff segment.