Central Electronic Equipment in Chiasso: new electrical Substation and Cabin

Now that Italferr has successfully completed the detailed technical design for the new technological installation, the Swiss Federal Railways have published the call for tender for execution of works.

On the Swiss Federal Railways' (CFF SBB FFS) behalf Italferr has developed a design project for an innovative technological installation (electrical substation and ET cabin) near Chiasso station aimed at separating and handling electricity infrastructure.

Italferr has just finished the detailed technical design on which the CFF SBB FFS tenders are to be based (the call for tender has been published on the following website: SIMAP.CH).

The works will play a key role in stepping up the Italian-Swiss traffic capacity on the Gotthard corridor and are one part of a series of works involving technology and infrastructure launched by the Swiss Federal Railways.

This coming 25/05 the project will be shown to the firms involved at Chiasso Station.