ECOMONDO the green technologies expo

Environmental sustainability in railway works

Together with the Italian State Railways Group, Italferr took part in the 20th edition of Ecomondo, the international trade fair dedicated to saving materials & energy and sustainable development held in Rimini between 8 and 11 November 2016.
Italferr shared its experiences and organised a conference day at the Italian State Railways stand dedicated to environmental sustainability in transport infrastructure and the handling of waste materials produced by major works.
In particular, Italferr illustrated the sustainable design solutions developed in Italy and abroad, providing concrete examples of methods adopted as well as recounting its experience on calculating the carbon footprint, a testament of its leading position in the sector.
It also demonstrated how environmental awareness translates into a scrupulous surveillance of the worksites and involves carrying out regular inspections and checks. Another effective method to advance the environmental cause is the usage of the new BIM design technique (Building Information Modeling) which enables oversight of the entire life cycle of construction works.
Lastly, Italferr's environmental activities during the construction phase were presented, zeroing in on the new legislation relating to handling excavated earth and rocks in the course of infrastructure construction works.