FOCUS ON: Italferr and rescue archaeology

A thousand years of archaeological heritage, unearthed from excavations for railway construction.

For more than twenty years the highly specialised archaeologists of Italferr have been protecting and enhancing Italy's historical and archaeological heritage, beginning from the earliest design stages of new projects to carry out preliminary investigations and bringing to light archaeological finds that date back to prehistoric times.

Today these specialists work with archaeological superintendencies throughout Italy, deploying the skills they have acquired in professional training courses to oversee all the activities required for the preliminary verification of archaeological interest, such as preparing and checking investigation studies, designing and implementing sector surveys, and enhancing the appreciation of ancient finds and heritage contexts. This is their contribution to improving the quality and sustainability of new construction works.

Italferr sets itself a twofold objective: to implement works that are fundamentally important for the development of Italy whilst at the same time safeguarding our country's immense archaeological heritage, which embodies the identity and historical heritage of Italy as a whole, whilst also enhancing it for future generations.

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