Gruppo FS Italiane and Italferr star players in the process of infrastructural development in Iraq

The Iraqi Minister of Transport visits the headquarters of Italferr: the Iraqi delegation has met with the top management and has invited the Italian company to put up its candidature as strategic partner in the implementation of its infrastructural projects

The Iraqi Minister of Transport, Mr. Kadhim Finjan, accompanied by the Iraqi Ambassador, Mr. Ahmad Bamarni, and a large delegation of Members of Parliament and of Iraqi government technicians, visited Italy within the framework of a mission aimed at assessing potential synergies and investments in various sectors of our country.
The delegation was welcomed in Italferr by its top management: The CEO Mr. Carlo Carganico and the President Mr. Riccardo Maria Monti; as representative of the Italian government there was also the Undersecretary of State for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation with power of attorney for the Middle East, Mr. Vincenzo Amendola.

Mr. Monti illustrated the various areas of expertise that qualify Italferr as one of Italy’s leaders in the engineering sector, highlighting topics of mutual interest with regard to the development of infrastructures and of mobility, as well as the many opportunities for development of Italian firms in Iraq and for the future in the countries connected to it.

Mr. Carganico, speaking also on behalf of Gruppo FS Italiane (Italian State Railways) as their interim Central Director of International Markets, illustrated the key numbers and projects of the company in Italy, in Europe and in the world.
With special reference to Italferr, as the Group’s player on international markets, the CEO underlined its new mission and the role it will play in the new 2017-2026 industrial plan: "Today - said Carlo Carganico – the aim is to be present in this highly strategic area that is potentially interesting for our business by providing skills, know-how and Made in Italy engineering excellence”. ”Our priority is to consolidate our presence in this area and to accompany the country in the development of its important infrastructural works. In order to do this, as Italferr and also as Gruppo FS Italiane, we are ready to immediately submit our candidature for working as General Contractor and for building in Iraq strategic infrastructures at any level”.

The Iraqi Minister Mr. Finjan stated his great satisfaction with the meeting and illustrated in detail the many projects planned for the infrastructural development and modernisation of Iraq, featuring the geopolitical and economic importance of the ports to be used as strategic hubs and points of access to the country; of great importance and interest for FS Italiane is the building of a large railway concession to connect these port hubs and to cross the country from North to South, a project that if developed in all its ramifications would foster for Iraq extraordinary economic and social growth.
The Minister then invited Italferr and Gruppo FS Italiane to actively participate as privileged players in this delicate process of development of the country’s projects.

The Italian Undersecretary of State Mr. Amendola, in his concluding speech, spoke of the lasting friendship between the two countries: “Italy is a bridge uniting Europe with Iraq that not only allows commercial exchange useful for mutual economic growth but also a privileged relationship between the two countries that facilitates active dialogue between our peoples towards social and cultural growth, to the benefit of both our civilisations”.

Italferr, together with Gruppo FS Italiane, has been present in Iraq since 2005, participating in important partnerships with other Italian firms and with Iraq government bodies for the development of the country’s strategic infrastructures.

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