Italferr at Innotrans 2016 with the Italian Railways Group

The most momentous trade fair for the international railway sector in Berlin from 20th to 23rd September 2016.

Innotrans 2016, the leading exhibition for the international rail transport sector, has just shut its doors in Berlin after having hosted the Italian Railways Group alongside several other eminent worldwide players.

The Railways Group timetable teemed with exciting events, including many conferences attended by the chief representatives of the Italian State Railways.

The Managing Director and Director General, Carlo Carganico, represented Italferr in Berlin and on the first day he paid tribute to the firm commitment of the Group Companies to the Environment by delivering a speech entitled: "Environmental Sustainability: Italferr's approach during the design and construction stage of infrastructure works".

Indeed, Italferr boasts considerable experience in eco-aware design and for years now it has been adopting an innovative approach which guarantees environmental sustainability for the infrastructural works it undertakes both on Italian national and international soil.  This system enables us to predict the carbon footprint (it calculates the quantity of greenhouse gases that would be released into the atmosphere) and it helps us to identify the suppliers who would have the least impact on the environment very early on in the planning stages.

Our Company's recent experience at Innotrans was a marvellous opportunity to share the knowledge and skills acquired over the years with other international operators as well as an extraordinary platform to make new acquaintances.