Italferr attends the OICE convention on BIM

On Tuesday 28 June, at the Nicolaus Hotel of Bari, the OICE (Italian Trade Association for Engineering and Technical-Economic Consultancy Work) convention on BIM (Building Information Modelling) entitled "Design evolution: a comparative study of software projects and houses" was held.
The event involved some of the most qualified speakers in Italy who pioneered the use of BIM; Italferr's Procurement & Systems Manager, Fabrizio Ranucci, also took the floor with his speech entitled "Lessons learnt and suggestions offered from using BIM in Italferr. A case study", in which he pointed out the advantages, also in terms of efficiency, which the company had benefited from by using this technology. After which a debate ensued between designers and software manufacturers on the potential of these digital tools and their strategic value in design and construction.

Italferr has accumulated considerable know-how in this area over time. It was one of the first in its sector to have opted for the innovative BIM technology, which as a result of its integrated digital management offers many clear advantages: greater efficiency and productivity, fewer mistakes and less downtime both in the design and construction phase, better information sharing, more accurate and consistent monitoring of works, not only during the construction stage but also for management and maintenance operations.