Italferr enters the EU BIM Task Group: publication of the Handbook for the introduction of BIM by the European Public Sector

On 6 July, the EU BIM Task Group, a body co-financed by the European Commission for encouraging digitisation in the European construction sector, launched its “Handbook for the introduction of BIM by the European Public Sector”.

The Handbook is the result of a joint effort by the public sector organisations of 21 countries, distributed in a supervisory executive board and a general assembly, whose members include, for Italy, Italferr S.p.A., FS Italiane Group’s engineering company.

The Handbook collects the experiences of public administration officers, asset managers and infrastructure operators, for the purpose of formulating guidelines aimed at encouraging the adoption of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in Europe and standardising its application.

On this occasion, the CEO of Italferr Carlo Garganico pledged the company’s “commitment to spreading BIM in Europe, as one of the pillars of the ongoing digital revolution included by the European Commission among the objectives of the Europe 2020 Strategy for the economic, social and environmental growth of Europe”.

To access the handbook click on the link below: