Italferr for the future of the Geosciences

88° Congress of the Italian Geological Society – Naples 7/9 September 2016

Locandina evento

Italferr will be attending a session entitled "The future vision of engineering geology: advances and perspectives for tomorrow's environment” organised by the Association of Geologists of Campania. This session is part of the 88th Congress of the Italian Geological Society and is due to be held in Naples between 7 and 9 September 2016. The National Council of Geologists and the "Federico II" University of Naples" will also be taking part.

The aim is to combine the various branches of geology, engineering and environmental studies, by involving professional associations, industrial organisations and academic societies and encouraging them to share their vital professional skills and experience.

It is, therefore, fundamental to confer on the main areas of applied geology and chart a course together, because these themes are essential tools for planning, designing and buildings as well as for managing geological risks and safeguarding environmental resources.

As a leader in the field of geology and applied geology, Italferr is pleased to be able contribute its experience and skills on the national and international market.

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