Italferr goes back to strengthen its position in the Balkans

The Company will be providing the Railway Regulatory Board (RRB) with technical support.

In association with IRD Engineering, Italferr has been awarded the tender contract for "Capacity building of Bosnia & Herzegovina Railway Regulatory Board", coming out on top despite the participation of numerous competitors including some advisory companies of international standing such as DB International, EGIS International, Ernst & Young, SYSTRA and WYG.

The technical support services are the "second phase" of a project previously brought to fruition by Italferr and IRD in 2010-2011 which consisted in updating all the railway operational and maintenance regulations and bringing them in line with European Directives, TSIs and European standards.

The project, which will receive EU funding, will start in September 2016 onwards for about 12 months.

Technical support services to the Railway Regulatory Board (RRB) and other main stakeholders consist in updating rules and procedures for issuing train drivers with licences, studying measures to streamline energy consumption in the railway sector, with particular regards to traction, and last but not least, training staff members of RRB and main partners on how to apply the new railway rules as drawn up in the previously mentioned project.