A new contract for Italferr in Peru

Feasibility Study and Detailed Design of the Trasandino Tunnel

In association with other international companies, Italferr has been awarded the contract for the development of the Feasibility Study and Detailed Design of the Central Railway Network of Peru, a corridor linking Lima with the Central Peruvian Region of Huancayo including the “Trasandino” set of Tunnels (San Bartolomé, San Miguel de Viso and Trasandino respectively with a length of 5, 15 and 25 km and high overburdens across the Andes).

The scope of services includes: feasibility analyses aimed at defining the best transport solution based on expected ridership levels, operation model, environmental, economic and financial appraisal; the detailed design of the tunnel solutions and of all the infrastructure needs, such as intermodal facilities, technologies, rail upgrading works, etc; a complex set of geo and topographic investigations.

The services started in July 2017. Completion expected on December 2019.