Italferr meets UMA – Union du Maghreb Arabe

On 12 February 2018, in Rabat, Morocco Italferr, in a joint-venture with Comete and Medevco, its Tunisian and Algerian partners, respectively, successfully presented the results of the Rapport d’Etablissement at the offices of its Client UMA - Union du Maghreb Arabe – as the first deliverable required by the project for the Feasibility Study of the rehabilitation and modernization of the Trans-Maghreb railway line.

This new strategic project for the Maghreb area has involved the transportation ministries and railway companies of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, with the ambition to complete the modernization of the entire railway line and thus enable the aforesaid states to integrate.

The meeting, which helped to consolidate the proficient relationships between the Company and the Client, were attended by the Infrastructure Manager and the main Managers of the UMA Departments, assisted by the members of the Steering Committee of the project on the Morocco side (Ministry of Transport and ONCF- Office National des Chemins de Fer).

The meeting also provided an opportunity to hold a debate on the topics relevant to the project, from the viewpoint of the transportation study and of the analysis of the route variants, as well as on the marketing strategy to be adopted for the overall integration of the national railway lines so as to favour interoperability of the network in line with European standards.

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