Italferr obtains certification of its BIM Management System

ICMQ’s Audit reached a positive conclusion on 1st February 2018.

Italferr is the first Italian Engineering Company to achieve BIM certification for its design, procurement, and direction of works activities.
This certification attests to the fact that Italferr is able to correctly and competently manage its activities, using the BIM methodology.  Evidence of this competence, is an element of distinction and excellence in the market.

This recognition puts the Company in an important position, when it comes to application of Decree n° 560/2017, referred to as the BIM Decree.  The coming into effect of this Decree will mean that, as from 2019 contracting stations will be obliged to make use of Building Information Modelling for all works with a cost of more than one hundred million.  The gradually, until 2025, this obligation will be extended to contracts at lower levels in terms of cost, until this way of working is introduced for the entire public works system.

One of the restrictions imposed by D.M. [Ministerial Decree] 560/2017 is to be found in art 3, which provides that all contracting stations and awarding administrations will be obliged to adopt the BIM system by means of an organisational deed, which explains the control and management, data manager, and conflict management process.

In practical terms, this organisational deed corresponds to a BIM System based on the ISO 9001 standard, which includes management of digitalised processes and procedures, a BIM-oriented organisation and structuring of suitable draft contracts, of a collaborative type, of use for managing the construction phase.

The inspectors were impressed with the passion shown by the whole staff, and how Management was able to guide and motivate the group.  They particularly appreciated the “bottom-up” approach adopted by Italferr, that does not provide for upheavals, but for long, careful  work with the designers, who were gradually brought to understand how much easier this technology can make their work, and to make them feel part of a common project.

The Technical Director took the opportunity to reiterate that the passion shown by the personnel, along with the skill acquired during the course done by their colleagues, is the finest guarantee of the attainment of the company’s goals, and provide drive and motivation for taking on a long, complex road in the future, that will, without a doubt, produce results that will make the Company grow and improve.


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