Italferr secures the railway works project for the "Soterramiento Sarmiento" in Argentina

Support services and design work for the Integrated Railway System (part of the reconstruction project on the urban railway line) has gone to the Italian State Railways Group's engineering company.

On 7 May in Buenos Aires, alongside the international cluster of companies made up of the Brazilian company Odebrecht, the Italian company Ghella and the Argentinian company Lecsa (otherwise known as UTE CNS, Union Temporal de Empresas Consorcio Nuevo Sarmiento) Italferr signed the contract for the railway engineering works entitled "Soterramiento Sarmiento".

These works consist in completely reconstructing the "Sarmiento" railway line which measures 36 km in length and particularly regards the construction of new subterranean segment measuring 18 km - half the total line length - as well as 9 new stations. A tunnel measuring 10.4 m in internal diameter will provide a metropolitan-style service and have a ridership of over 150 million each year.

Italferr will accompany CNS throughout the entire process of creating and making the Integrated Railway System for the entire project by providing support services, design work and procurement strategies for supply and system installation contracts.