Italferr signs an agreement in principle with Anesrif to set up a Training Academy of excellence

Esther Marconi, Human Resources & Organisation Manager, and Azeddine Fridi, Director General of Anesrif, signed an agreement in principle in Algiers to set up a Training Academy of Excellence with a view to ensuring that the necessary amount of knowledge is acquired and developed so that the Algeria can successfully bring its impressive railway infrastructure plan to fruition.
Anesrif, the governmental agency to implement this railway investment programme, intends to use this alliance to create a brand new management class made up of engineers who will be able to follow through projects from the design to final construction stages, adhering to the most stringent international standards.
It is an extremely ambitious training scheme which takes top priority as is clear from the imminent launch of the Italian/Algerian company whose task it will be to ensure specialised training services and engineering design work, project management and commissioning operations for the planned national infrastructure.
The contract bears witness to the strong interest and deep trust that the Algerian government places in Italferr. It also strengthens a working relationship between Italferr and Anesrif which has been going strong since 2008 and has involved technical support services and training activities for the Agency's engineers as part of an Algerian infrastructure investment programme.