Italferr takes centre stage at the World Engineering Forum 2017

Italferr, the engineering arm of Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane group, took centre stage at the recent World Engineering Forum held in Rome from 27 November to 2 December 2017, the main theme and mission of the event being: ‚Äúdefining the future role of engineering in a global perspective of sustainable development and designing infrastructure works based on the principles of sustainability‚ÄĚ.

The session of 28 November was opened by the Italian Environment Minister, Gian Luca Galletti, and the CEO and General Manager of Italferr, Carlo Carganico, while speakers included the President of the National Council of Engineers Mr. Zambrano and the Chairman of Italferr Riccardo Maria Monti; the session was closed by Admir Nocaj, the new Market and Foreign Development Director of Italferr.
The master session featured the presentation, by Italferr’s Antonello Martino, of how the company manages the complex environmental and archaeological issues encountered during the design and construction of infrastructure projects, focusing on an integrated design approach and the use of sustainability methods and protocols, such as SIG, LEED, IMPRONTA CLIMATICA and ENVISION, the real strategy for enhancing the opportunities offered by the infrastructures, with a view to requalifying and regenerating the pre-existing arrangements and functions, design of works, improving the value of the historical and cultural heritage of the areas concerned by the projects and providing concrete and sustainable answers to the needs of the communities.
On 29 November, the Italferr oral session illustrated, based on the technical and scientific contributions and the dedicated focuses by the engineers of the Architecture, Environment and Regional Planning Unit, its commitment to promoting a vision of the future centred on the themes of Innovation and Sustainability, as the driver of a new economy, efficient in the use of resources, with low carbon emissions and resilient towards climate change, bearing witness, through the experience of a solid engineering approach, to the concrete research  of more effective design solutions, in terms of their sustainability and safeguarding humankind’s heritage.

The CEO of Italferr Carganico, outlining the company’s vision for the next ten years, within the framework of FS Italiane group’s business plan, highlighted how "a continuously evolving engineering company must become aware of the fact that infrastructure development requires the constant search of innovative solutions, capable of promoting a successful balance between business opportunities and quality of life, between the production of wealth and environmental preservation, between economic interests and social issues".

The WEF2017 represented an important opportunity for discussion for 600 engineers, architects, engineering and other firms from all over the world; once again, the event highlighted the strong commitment and competence on these themes by FS Italiane group and, in particular, Italferr, as a model of Italian excellence worldwide.

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