Railway Maintenance in industry 4.0: Italferr’s experience

Potential of Engineering 4.0 for the development of railway systems.

On 30th November the National AICQ (Italian Quality Culture Association - Rail Transport Sector) Convention was held in Florence, dealing with: Railway Maintenance in Industry 4.0; prospects and change management for approaching the digital age.

The Head of the Quality, Environmental, and Safety Systems of Italferr, Pietro Fedele, addressed a gathering of about 200 people from various railway sectors, both public and private, including UNIFE, ANSF, ASSIFER, TRENITALIA, ALSTOM, ANSALDO STS, BOMBARDIER, etc., covering Italferr’s experience with applying these management system in the areas of designing and developing railway systems. 

In a talk entitled:Italferr - potential of Engineering 4.0 for the development of railway systems, Fedele described how projects were developed using BIM (Building Information Modelling), and emphasised the innovative, cutting-edge choice our Company continues to apply in relation to designing infrastructures both in Italy and in the rest of the world.

As regards system management and interfacing between processes throughout the entire “life cycle” of railway works, he pointed out the close relationship between the design phase, and those of constructing, commissioning, maintaining, and decommissioning, and how these processes can be managed and controlled effectively, by using BIM.

Due to the wealth of its content and concrete examples given, this presentation gave rise to considerable consensus and confirmed Italferr’s image as a driving force for innovation in the infrastructure design, construction, and maintenance, and technological systems sector, in line with the principles of Industry 4.0.