SIG and ITALFERR together for the World Tunnel Congress 2019 in Naples

In the illustrious surrounds of the World Tunnel Congress (WTC 2016) in San Francisco, the Italian Tunnel Company (SIG) (chaired by Andrea Pigorini, Italferr's Infrastructure Engineering Manager) won the important appointment to organise the World Tunnel Congress due to be held in Naples in 2019.

This great honour is the result of much earnest team work by SIG and Italferr. The latter had to offer a significant set of skills and experience accumulated in underground works during numerous Italian projects as well as a significant amount of recent international work.

And it was this that allowed us to outstrip by a long way our competitors from London, Salzburg, Istanbul and other important applications.

The Naples event will be an immense opportunity to showcase Italian engineering excellence, made all the more meaningful by the united presence of SIG and Italferr. It will be a moment to highlight the highest levels of technical innovation and know-how.