Study Tour by the Iranian Islamic Railways RAI at Italferr

Iranian railway engineers on a study tour of Italy’s high speed rail system

A delegation of representatives of the Iranian Islamic Railways RAI has started a study tour in Rome, with Italferr engineers, dedicated to Italy’s High Speed rail programme. An intense 4-day long tour, during which the engineers of the High Speed Department of RAI and of Italferr exchanged views and experiences on the Italian High Speed system, to understand the extent to which the best practices adopted by Italferr, in connection with the implementation of the high speed rail programme, can be transferred to the new projects under way in Iran.

Italferr’s Management hosted the study tour as part of a 2-year professional and personal collaboration programme, which, besides the specific investigations, also includes visits to the most important HS projects in Italy.

“These opportunities for cooperation and collaboration – said Mr. Carlo Carganico, Italferr’s CEO who has recently returned from a mission in Tehran – will strengthen our already consolidated relationship with the rail sector of the Islamic Republic of Iran, a country in which FS Group, and Italferr in particular, is engaged in defining strategic projects for developing the infrastructure system of this important economy, whose rail development plans envisage an increase of passengers from 25 to 65 million between 2005 ansd 2025; this study tour fully reflects our new policy based on full and shared Customer Satisfaction”.

Italferr, together with FS Italiane Group, is currently part of a Joint Venture project with Iran Oston, a local engineering firm, under a “Project Management Consultancy” contract, for managing and supervising the activities of the Chinese Contractor CREC, in connection with the design and construction of the first high speed line in Iran, linking the cities of Tehran, Qom and Isfahan, which is 415 km long and features an operating speed of no less than 250 km/h.