The CEO and GM of Italferr Carlo Carganico visits the Philippines

On 19-21 April, on a mission aimed at finalising and defining possible partnerships and synergies on behalf of FS Italiane Group

Between 19 and 21 April, Carlo Carganico, in his twofold position as CEO/GM of Italferr S.p.A. and temporary group International Markets Officer of FS Italiane, will be visiting the Philippines on a mission to define possible partnerships and synergies on behalf of the Group.

This comes in the wake of the agreement signed in Italy, last November, between the Chairperson and CEO of AMA Group and Mr. Carganico, in the presence of the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, of the M.o.U. for developing strategic infrastructure projects in the country and, in particular, a light metropolitan railway line in the City-Region of Cebu.

In the meantime, numerous constructive meetings have been held, in Manila, with government and financial representatives, in view of further developments, besides those already defined.

In this regard:
- the Philippine Undersecretary for Transport has confirmed his government’s intention to go ahead with the Cebu Metro project, with a focus, by the representative of the local government, on the delicate issue of certification, and the related bodies and processes;
- discussions have been held with our AMA Group partner, regarding the possibility of extending the partnership to a future Joint Venture for developing other projects, besides rail projects. AMA, in fact, operates in a number of different economic sectors in the country, alongside its Transport Infrastructure activities;
- contacts are ongoing with the “Asian Development Bank”, with discussions centred on the country’s economy and financing system of infrastructure investments.

Lastly, the CEO, Carlo Carganico, had cordial talks with the Italian Ambassador and his advisors in Manila, during which Italferr confirmed its intention of gaining a grip and launching projects in the country; "the objective – Mr. Carganico underlined – is to bring Made in Italy engineering know how and competences to the Philippines, including those engendered by the recent merger between ANAS and FS, while the diplomatic mission in the country stated its commitment to provide its institutional support to these activities for the benefit of Italy’s economy".

“The overall Philippine transport system – Mr. Carganico added – given the country’s geographical peculiarities, the current situation of the network, the need to develop a faster and more widespread network, due to the growing population trends, is destined to constantly grow over the years; Italferr, based on the activities under way and our all-round engineering know how, is perfectly qualified to become a first rate partner and play a leading role in the development of the country’s strategic infrastructure”.

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