The excavation works for the Frentani tunnel, north of Ortona, have been completed

A moment of great satisfaction for Italferr.

The structure falls within the framework of the project for the doubling of the Pescara–Bari line and covers a distance of about 405 metres north of the Ortona station, on the coastal section underneath the natural terrace on which stands the 15th century Aragonese Castle.

The tunnel is located on a stretch of coastline that in the past underwent several landslides and that was subjected to various stabilisation interventions involving drainage systems, such as draining pits. The excavation, in fact, went through soils consisting of thickened sands, with the presence of limes and clays. The geotechnical features of the soils the excavation involved, the parietal nature of the works and of the low coverings required systematic pre-consolidation of the soil via the injection of water and cement mixtures at very high pressure (jet-grouting).

To be completed, the doubling of the Pescara-Bari railway line still awaits the construction of a cut and cover tunnel about 40 metres long that shall originate from the recently completed bored Frentani tunnel and will end in the extant ‘Cimitero’ bifurcation chamber on the already existing line, as well as the completion of an area immediately upstream from the railway, between the area North of Ortona Castle and the bifurcation chamber.

Italferr, that has been in charge not only of the execution plan but also of the Supervision of works, today is experiencing a moment of great satisfaction that has been clearly expressed by this important goal.

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