The training scheme involving 10 young Omani engineers wound up

On 28 January 2016 in Oman in the Muscat branch, Italferr's training scheme drew to an end. Its purpose had been to transfer skills and knowledge to 10 young engineers - 7 women and 3 men.
This scheme was part of the design contract "Preliminary design for Oman National Railway Project" and began two years ago. It was an important investment for the client whilst for Italferr it was a golden opportunity to build experience in challenging professional circumstances as well as achieving personal growth. The sense of accomplishment did not only derive from watching the young engineers' constant learning process as they assimilated the technical know-how for their various specialisations, but also from helping them to develop the required management skills to become future directors in the Omani railway company.
The activities encountered strong favour in Muscat. The most significant moments of the project were shown on an interesting video punctuated by short speeches from those involved. The meeting involved representatives of the high echelons of Oman Rail and Italferr and the entire "Oman Job" team, including the coordinators who followed the Omani youngsters during their training on the job.