Yapı Merkezi İDİS entrusts Italferr with another important engagement for the provision of technological consultancy services for the Morogoro - Makutupora railway (344 km) in Tanzania

Rome, 21 February 2018

Having previously signed a contract with Yapı Merkezi İDİS  (the technology engineering company of the Yapi Merkezi Group) on June 2017 for the design of the signalling on the 205 km Dar Es Salaam-Morogoro line (Lot I), Italferr has now signed a new contract for the same services in relation to Lot II (Morogoro-Makutupora, 344 km). This project is part of a Design & Build project awarded by RAHCO (Tanzanian Railways) to the group coordinated by the Turkish constructor Yapi Merkezi.
The expected duration for the provision of these services is 6 months, beginning from March 2018.

This contract, which was signed in the presence of Italferr's Market and Foreign Development Director and the General Manager of Yapı Merkezi İDİS, consolidates our relations with Yapi Merkezi, which has expressed its very positive appreciation for the previous consultation services which are still ongoing.
The trust placed in our company by Yapi Merkezi is a confirmation of the technological excellence of Italferr, which is attracting more and more international recognition.
This meeting was also an opportunity to share common strategies for further initiatives to be pursued in other countries, not only on the African continent but also elsewhere.

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