Italferr: MoU with “CRSCD” to develop infrastructure projects for the global markets

The agreement follows up on the Italian Government’s mission in May 2017 and the following meetings in Italy.

Developing project synergies on the foreign markets and promoting integrated activities for grasping new business opportunities; these are two cornerstones of the Memorandum of Understanding concluded on 2 December in China by Carlo Carganico, CEO and General Manager of Italferr, and NIU Jianhua, General Manager of CRSCD.

Italferr, the engineering firm of FS Italiane Group, and CRSCD, the Chinese rail technology giant and leader in the production of products and services for the rail industry, specialising in control and signalling systems, aim to establish a long-term partnership on the international markers grounded on their mutual expertise, know how and strengths.

This opportunity stems from the mission to China by the Italian Government in May 2017, followed by two visits by delegations of CRSCD to the Italferr offices in Italy.

Regarding this understanding, the CEO of Italferr Carlo Carganico has declared: "This initiative is part of a much broader project of global development, in line with the internationalisation pillar set out in FS Italiane Group’s 2017 – 2026 Business Plan, which aims to broaden the focus of our international relations so that we can compete on a growing number of markets, integrate our client portfolio and establish result-oriented partnerships consistently with the renewed mission of the company".