Technical assistance to the National Agency for the Management of Railway Program (ANESRIF)
In 2008 Italferr was awarded a contract by ANESRIF "Agence Nationale d’Études et de Suivi de la Réalisation des Investissements Ferroviaires" to provide technical assistance in respect of designing new rail lines, managing tendering procedures and supervising construction sites for the implementation and completion of the infrastructure investment programme launched to modernize the Algerian Railways. The major project undertaken by Italferr over the last 8 years relates to the increase in capacity of the "Ligne Rocade Nord" (Morocco-Tunisia), the improvement of the rail hubs of Algiers, Oran and Constantine and the construction of the new lines in the Haut Plateaux and the new southbound routes.
Furthermore, besides directly developing a number of projects, including the east-west "Nouvelle Ligne GV" (1,200 km) and the electrification of the coastal line "Ligne Rocade Nord", Italferr has also supported ANESRIF in relation to its decision-making process on technical, management and legal issues, as well as producing standardisation tools for projects, with a view to harmonising tender submissions and the subsequent design activities (Design Project Manual), and works management (Implementation Manual).
Italferr also provided training activities for the Agency's staff both in Algeria and in Italy.
Originally scheduled to last 5 years, the contract was extended until June 2018.

Agreenment for the Modernization of the Algerian Railway
In November 2015, Italferr and ANESRIF "Agence Nationale d’Études et de Suivi de la Réalisation des Investissements Ferroviaires" (the Algerian Agency for planning and implementing railway investments) has formalised the shareholders' agreement to set up an Algerian-based company specialising in railway engineering with 51% held by ANESRIF and 49% by Italferr.
The mission of this new company will be to provide engineering services for the design, works management and commissioning of transport infrastructure (railways first and foremost), thus making a major contribution to the huge plan for modernising the Algerian railways, which aims to build over 5,200 km of rail lines.
Another objective of the company is to kickstart a series of intensive and highly specialised training activities for young Algerian engineers.
From 2015, for an indefinite duration.


Reorganisation of the Railway Sector
Italferr was appointed by the Algerian Ministry of Transport to develop the reorganisation project for the entire rail sector. In particular, the contract envisaged developing a reorganisation plan for SNTF (Rail undertaking for infrastructure and operations management), defining an Algerian national regulatory system, reviewing regulatory documents for rail safety, cost analysis and an equipment maintenance plan. This engagement led to the definition of vital tools for infrastructure development, consistently with the European regulatory standards.
Activities completed in March 2011.

Final design for 4th Rocade of Algiers
In 2014, Italferr was appointed to draw up the “Building Project for the 4 Rocade of Algiers motorway – Lot 1”, about 34 km long, on behalf of a prime Italian contractor itself appointed by the Algerian client ANA – Agence Nationale des Autoroutes.
Work ended in 2016.